Charting Excellence

Sicagen provides integrated shipbuilding and governor services, contributing to the maritime infrastructure sector in India. Since its inception, Sicagen’s Shipbuilding division has successfully delivered 54 vessels of medium and small sizes for major public sector ports, the fisheries department, the Police department, and private parties.

Originating as Goodwill Engineering Works in 1978, the company initially focused on in-house ship repairs for the Stevedoring and Shipping agency divisions. As the operations grew, the company expanded its expertise to provide ship repair services to other shipping companies at the Chennai Port and Tuticorin port.

In 1987, the Governor Services division was established, specializing in servicing shipboard governors, followed by the initiation of the shipbuilding division in 1988, dedicated to constructing harbour crafts for major ports in India.

As of 2023, the cumulative value of the boats and ships built by Sicagen exceeds ₹110 crore.

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