Safety Systems Woodward


Woodward-make ProTech-GII is a device designed to safely shutdown steam, gas and hydro turbines, as well as motors, compressors and reciprocating engines. The ProTech-GII consists of three independent modules whose trip outputs are either independent or voted in a 2-out-of-3 configuration. The ProTech-GII includes Overspeed/Over acceleration, Alarm, and Trip log functions with time-stamping. 

The ProTech-GII provides various pre-defined test features including automated periodic tests.

ProTech TPS

Woodward-make ProTechTPS is a safety, programmable logic controller (PLC) with integrated overspeed protection designed to safely shut down. The ProTechTPS comprises of triple modular voting architecture, first-out trip indication, alarm, trip & overspeed logs, valve-response monitoring, programmable auto-test routines. This stand-alone safety device accepts 10 discrete or analog inputs per module.

Quik Trip

Woodward-make QuikTrip trip block assembly is designed for use in steam, gas and hydro turbine shutdown systems for quick and reliable dumping of the turbine’s trip oil header. 

This trip block assembly is housed in a fully integrated package, which includes three patented, dirt-tolerant rotary trip valves.

QuikTrip does not utilise problematic orifices or pressure gauges, maintenance is reduced, and system reliability improved.

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