Actuators Woodward

UG/UG40 Actuator

Woodward-make UG and UG40 actuators are drop-in replacements for UG mechanical governors. They offer the advantages of electronic control and load-sharing systems while using the convenient, existing UG-type drives and linkages.

CPC-II Actuators

Woodward-make CPC-II (current to pressure converter, generation II) is an electrohydraulic, pressure-regulating valve control designed for use in positioning single-acting steam turbine valve servos.  This CPC’s superb accuracy and resolution make it ideal for steam turbine valve control and related turbine speed and load control. The CPC accepts a 4–20 mA pressure demand signal.

Varistroke Hydraulic Actuator

Woodward-make VariStroke Hydraulic Power Cylinders (VHPCs) are a family of linear hydraulic power cylinders, which can be ordered in many different sizes and configurations. These cylinders are designed for use in combination with Woodward’s different VariStroke servos in low-pressure (50-500psi) applications.

TG13E/TG17E Actuator

Woodward-make TG13E and TG17E proportional, electro-hydraulic actuators convert an electrical signal into a corresponding proportional output shaft position, to position the valve which controls the flow of steam or energy medium to the turbine. They are self-contained electrohydraulic actuators for use on steam turbines. Option available with oil motor type with external oil supply.

TM-25LP Actuator

Woodward-make TM25LP actuators are electric-hydraulic, proportional actuators for positioning steam and fuel-control valves requiring low/high force linear inputs.

The actuator has an aluminium case and through-hardened, stainless-steel internal parts. A 40 μm low-capacity screen is provided in the supply inlet fitting to protect the torque motor servo valve in case of failure of the external filter.

Hydraulic Amplifier

Woodward-make electrically controlled, hydraulic amplifiers are pilot-operated, linear servo actuators.

The amplifier is capable of operating the control mechanisms of steam turbines that require relatively large forces and work capacity beyond that of the actuators usually used with the 2301, 500 series.

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