Cooling Tower Water Treatment

As an expert integrated water management solutions provider, Sicagen has all the necessary expertise in facilitating the procurement, manufacturing and supply of cooling tower water treatment chemicals. Sicagen serves wide range of industry segments ranging from agro industries to power plants and refineries. The relevance of cooling tower water treatment has been growing with time and acceptance among the reputed business and corporate houses. It further increases the demand for the choicest of chemicals recommended for the water treatment procedure.

Khlorox - Chlorine Dioxide

Khlorox is a versatile generator which produces Chlorine Dioxide - a powerful biocide and a strong oxidizing agent.

Oxidizing Biocides

Oxidizing biocides are chemicals that have the ability to kill microorganisms through the electrochemical process of oxidation.

  • Chlorine & its various forms
  • Bromine
  • Chlorine dioxide
  • Halogen releasing compounds & Donors

Non- Oxidizing Biocides

Non-Oxidizing biocides are chemicals that have the ability to kill microorganisms by interfering with reproduction, stopping respiration, or cell lysing.

  • MBT-based 
  • Quat-based
  • DBNPA-based 
  • Dichlorophene
  • Gluteraldehyde 
  • lsothiozoline



Our Bio-dispersant break down and digest fats, oils & greases with other organic waste accumulates in grease traps & drain lines.

  • Adduct of Ethlyene and Propylene Oxides
  • Organic Alcohol based

Corrosion Inhibitors

Our Corrosion Inhibitor will prevent your metal from getting corrosion by formation of chemical layer.

  • Molybdates, Nitrites & Silicate based
  • Zinc based Cathodic
  • Phosphate based Anodic
  • Zinc & orthophosphate Anodic/Cathodic


Our Anti-scalants are designed to inhibit the formation and precipitation of crystallized mineral salts that form scale.

  • Low molecular weight polymer
  • Organophosphonate based
  • Phosphonate & polymeric


We engineered wide range of Dispersants to prevent the heat exchangers and pipe lines from scaling & it will not form any complex reaction with other ions in water.

  • Low molecular weight Homopolymer
  • Low molecular weight Copolymer
  • Terpolymer
  • Silica & Iron dispersant

Scale Inhibitors

Our Scale Inhibitors are designed to the chemical dissolution involves in the chelation of carbonate and sulfate scales.

  • Low molecular weight co polymer
  • Zinc & Organophosphonate based
  • Organophosphonate with monopolymer
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