Tools for Success

By offering a comprehensive selection of Berger's painting accessories, Sicagen ensures that customers have access to high-quality tools and materials essential for successful painting projects. This collaboration not only demonstrates Sicagen's commitment to customer satisfaction but also highlights its dedication to providing a one-stop solution for all painting needs, reinforcing its role as a reliable partner in the construction and home improvement industry.



Berger Paints is a leading brand, known for outclassing its peers, and staying on top of its game. Its range of Silk Illusion tools, give your walls the unique look with the help of a specially formulated range of tools that provides luxurious appeal with enticing patterns. The smooth look can be achieved with this Roller, giving an extraordinary layout, accentuating your room. The roller is specially made for smooth functioning and offers desired results with easy application.


  • Material: Plastic,
  • Color: Muliticolors
  • Item Dimension: 300mm x 250mm x 80mm
  • This interior roller is of a high-quality felt, intended to be long-lasting and easy to clean with the exceptional ability to get the job done quickly with a superior finish.
  • The felt in the paint roller are designed to hold more paint to save you time and give you the finish you are looking for.
  • This roller not just allow for even pressure distribution, it is also harmless to the body and offers good elasticity and durability with long service life.
  • A high-quality wheel surface with smooth rolling action will secure the unique design on the canvas with 100% Precision.
  • Package Contains: It includes 1 piece of Interior Roller



Berger premium GP Thinner is specially designed with 100% pure MTO to improve brush ability and flow ability of alkyd and oil based products. It improves paint consistency and allows paint to acquire optimum film characteristics. It can be used as a cleaner for oil, dirt, grease of metal surface before painting.


  • 100% Pure MTO
  • No Hazardous Carcinogenic Substances
  • No Drying problem
  • No evaporation of material, comes in Robust & premium packaging
  • Comes in metal container, no risk of fire hazard

Wet & Dry Sheets


Premium quality high wet strength, tear resistant waterproof paper with Silicon Carbide grains for excellent cutting and larger sanding area in wall, wood and metal. Can be used in wet / dry for both hand and vibratory sanding. Special grain, bond combination gives excellent finish in car repair and automobile body paint applications.


  • Can be used for walls, wood, metal etc.
  • Size of each grit (28 x 22 cms)
  • Faster Cut Rate. Less Clogging
  • Superior finish. Better Durability
  • Heavy Duty Backing Paper
  • Packet contains 50 peices of sandpaper



Berger Luxol Universal Stainer is a concentrated pigment formulated to be added to paint for crafting bespoke shades as required. Serving as an extender, tinting agent, and brightening agent, this Universal Stain enhances the colour intensity of paints while ensuring long-lasting permanence.

Tile Cleaner


Fast acting acidic cleaner for all types of hard tile surfaces & grouts, designed to be used for variety of applications. This specially formulated cleaner effectively cleans old mineral deposits, soap scums, body oil blemishes etc.- found in shower areas, pools & spas. It also removes cementitious stains upon tiles in new bathrooms, metal marks under metal buckets, heavy build-ups of industrial grease etc.

Application Areas:

  • Tiles (ceramic & porcelain), granite, slate, sand stone etc.
  • Bath tubs
  • Concrete
  • Wash basin etc.

Wood Protektor


Wood Protector is a non-corrosive wood preservative, making it the perfect solution for protecting wood from fungus, borers, and termite infestations. It can be applied with a brush, spray, or swab without altering the wood's natural color. Specifically designed for wood protection, this preservative offers long-lasting defense against common threats to wood.

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